“I thought I'd let you know how I got on tonight up at the farm. Paul and I were after foxes and used the ND5 to spot eyes at over 500 yards. We then got closer before squeaking them in. I was using my
Anschutz 1730 in .22 Hornet.


The first fox came into my squeak to just over 50 yards and down he went from a kneeling chest shot. He wasn't bothered by the laser light from the ND3 at all.


The second one, a huge vixen, came into 47 yards which I shot off the bipod using the light from the ND3 again.


The third one was 126 yards off the bipod, and went straight down, very satisfying. Paul illuminated the shot for me using the ND5 and I could shoot on 14 power as the target was so bright.


We had to keep the ND5 warm and the ND3 had some A/C lagging on the end. I later scanned around using a conventional lamp and couldn't believe how it lit up the whole bloody field, not just the bit we wanted. The more I use the Laser Genetics gear, the less I want to use a 'normal' lamp. There are obviously drawbacks in cold weather, but with the right precautions, (and warm hands!) they're fantastic. I look forward to seeing the new versions Victor was telling me about at the weekend. I'll crack on with the review as soon as I can. Please feel free to forward this to Victor if you want.”

Graham Allen