Laser Safety

Laser Technical & Safety Information for Laser Locator

User Safety Precautions

The Laser Genetics ND•5™ is not a toy! It should be used responsibly, and only by adults.

Potential Eye Injury & Interference with Critical Activities

Laser Safety Hazard Warning

This laser locator emits laser light. Laser light is very bright and can potentially cause injury to the eyes if not used correctly. Read all operation and safety information prior to use.
NEVER LOOK INTO LASER OR AT BRIGHT REFLECTIONS. NEVER aim laser locator or its reflection at an aircraft at any distance! This is very dangerous and a serious federal crime, which is aggressively investigated and prosecuted with penalties of large fines and/or imprisonment! Illumination of aircraft, vehicles, etc. is DANGEROUS! Do not do it.


• Light from laser locator is very bright! DO NOT aim laser at people, vehicles or animals!
• NEVER look into the output of the laser locator!
• Viewing the laser light or a bright reflection can cause potential eye injury!
• DO NOT allow children to operate laser locator without instruction and close adult supervision.
• Reflections from flat shiny mirror like surfaces can be as hazardous as the beam itself.
• Eye injury is theoretically possible if the laser locator’s source is aimed at people using telescopes, rifle scopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, cameras or any other optical light gathering instruments.
• NEVER aim laser locator near individuals who may interpret your actions as an emergency distress call, unless it is an actual emergency.
• DO NOT remove or damage any safety labels which are present on laser designator.
• DO NOT attempt to disassemble the laser locator this can lead to hazardous exposure.
• DO NOT attempt any repair or modification, return to factory for all service.
• DO NOT use if lens is cracked or broken.
• No maintenance or service is allowed by the customer.


Due to the laser beams low divergence, it makes a small bright spot at very long distances. Aiming a laser at aircraft, watercraft, vehicles, law enforcement officials or other situations where vision and situational awareness are critical, can cause disruptions of safe operation of these craft, cause dangerous situations, and could be a criminal offence.


The laser’s power is quite low, and generally presents a hazard no greater than that of the laser used in a grocery store check-out scanner. The safety rating for both this laser product and grocery store scanners is laser safety “Class 2M”. The US and international safety standards (IEC 60825-1) under which this product is designed and tested, indicates that Class 2M laser products are safe under the following circumstances:


1.) If the laser flashes across your eyes, allow yourself to blink and look away. The normal ‘blink reflex’ is quick enough to prevent a hazardous eye exposure. Never stare into the laser beam or reflection.


2.) Do not view laser directly with optical instruments such as binoculars, telescopes etc. These items collect more light than your bare eye if they look directly into the beam or a bright reflection.


This Class of laser will not cause skin burns, nor start fires. The only potential hazard is only to the eyes if instructions for use are not followed.

This is a Class 2M laser product as classified per IEC 60825-1 Ed. 2.0, 2007-03