“Laser Genetics night vision lights are precision optical lighting instruments using advanced green laser technology”


Laser Genetics utilises exclusive patented optical laser technology to develop the lighting instruments of the future for civilian and professional use. Founded in 2006, Laser Genetics is one of the nation’s fastest growing manufacturers of personal-use laser lighting products. With its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Laser Genetics is dedicated to developing high efficiency laser illumination products specific for outdoors, hunting, marine, emergency, and home defense use.

With low energy use and high illumination yield, the ND Series of Laser Designators enables you to focus full illumination where you need it, with the least loss of light due to “flooding”. The ND Series puts you in full control of directed laser light for maximum illumination of the intended object. The high power laser beam may be collimated down and concentrated to cast an intense, highly visible beam of light that can be seen miles away, useful for signaling or search and rescue operations. Or adjust the beam to 10ft to light a path for full night vision.

Through extensive research, Laser Genetics has developed a product that is more than just a laser pointer. The ND3 and ND5 hand held laser products utilise new laser technology that delivers the ultimate night vision solution.

night vision ND3laser torch ND3 distributed by BSA